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This website has been produced as an aid to anyone wishing to take the official Life In The UK Test.

Click here to find all you need to know about the official Life In The UK Test. NOTE: A new test was introduced  on 25th March 2013.

We provide a totally FREE online practice test which you can use to help prepare for the official Life In The UK Test. The practice test on this website comprises 24 randomly asked questions. The pass mark is 75%, and you will have 30 minutes to answer all the questions. You can take the test as many times as you like. We believe that once you have continued success in our practice test, this will be a good indicator that you should be ready to attempt the official Life in the UK Test.

We have also produced a couple of additional tests that you might like to try sometime:

The old Test:
This was the practice test we produced for the official test that was used up to 25th March 2013. It’s now here just to try for fun. Try the old Test Here

The fun Test:
This is made up of questions we have produced ourselves. These are not necessarily covered in the official test, but do provide additional useful information about Life in the UK. You may wish to try this test too - however it is NOT required to prepare for the official Life in the UK Test. Try our Fun Test Here

To complete the tests on this website, simply follow the instructions. If you are not sure how to complete some of the questions, a short video is available here that provides instructions how to answer all the different types of question you may be asked in the tests on this website.

NOTE: This website is provided to help you prepare for the official Home Office test. Repeated success in the practice test on this website does not guarantee success in the official Home Office test.

Technical NOTE: The tests on this website are written in Flash, and currently only runs on browsers that support Flash. It is planned to upgrade the tests to HTML5 shortly, which will allow them to run on any browser that supports HTML5.
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