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Frequently Asked Questions




Are the questions on this website the same as those in the official test ?

No. The test questions on this site have been written to provide an example of the type of questions to expect in the official test. You need to understand everything in the handbook. You may get some very similar questions but it is unlikely you will get a question that is exactly the same.


What will be the questions I will get in the official test ?

We have no idea what the exact questions in the official test will be. As far as we are aware, they will be selected totally at random.


How many different test questions are available on this site ?

There are currently almost 600 different questions on the site. We may add additional questions over time.


Do you work for the government ?

No. We are a totally independent website. We are not, and never have worked for the government, or any other government organisation or body.


I want to book an official test, can you do that for me ?

No. We are in no way related to the testing centres. You will need to book your own test. For a list of test centres, and details of how to book your test, click here.


I think the answer to a question on the site is incorrect ?

If you believe the answers to a question on the site is incorrect, please email us at immediately and we’ll check. Although we have endeavoured to ensure there are no errors in any of the tests, it is possible we may have missed one. If there is an error, we will correct it immediately.



The test won’t work in my browser. Why ?

At present, the tests are produced in flash. Unfortunately not all web browsers support flash. This is particularly likely if you are trying to use an Apple device, or a browser such as Chrome. Please try using a browser that supports flash, and the tests should work correctly (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.). NOTE: We are currently working on updating the questions so they will be available in HTML5 format. Once these are available, the tests should work on any web browser.


I’d like a chat / messageboard on the website. Can I have one ?

Possibly. If there is enough interest, we may add a messageboard to the site, please email us at if you would be interested in this.


Why should I give a donation. The site is free ?

It costs money to host and maintain the website. We would like to keep this site free to use. We really would appreciate your donation (however large or small) which will help to keep the site free. If we continue to receive no donations, we may need to start charging people to use the site (I.e. we have only received less than 10 donations so far - despite several hundred visitors accessing the site each day).



Are you interested what we think of the website, or if we passed the test ?

The aim of this website is to help people pass the official test first time. We would love to receive any comments you may have about how we might improve the site - and also if the test helped you pass the official test. Please email us at with any comments.